Release Notes

To make the most of the new improvements in our updates, you’ll need to regenerate reports by clicking the refresh report button:

Recount Healthcheck Report page

Build 0.8.3 | 11th May 2017

  • General bug fixes and stability updates.
  • Performance enhancements
  • Demo Account – Anyone can now look at what Recount does without needing to sign up. You can access the report here –

Build 0.8.2 | 24th April 2017

Incorporating 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 releases:

  • General bug fixes and stability updates.
  • Revenue Report – UX updates and revenue projection fix for revenue report.
  • QuickBooks Online – Fix for negative bank values and credit cards inconsistencies in reports.
  • Management Accounts – Calculations now include credit notes.
  • Security – HTTP strict transport protocol enforced for added security.

Build 0.8.0 | 28th March 2017

  • QuickBooks Online (Beta) – Added support for QuickBooks Online. Note that this feature is currently in Beta.

  • Revenue Report – Updates to sales report based on customer feedback. Added monthly revenue trend.

  • Sale Invoices – The revenue report now works for businesses that do not use sale invoices.

  • iPad UI fix – Fixed an issue on health check where the UI for the analysis reports was broken.

  • Print – Fixed some layout issues when printing reports from the browser.

  • Expense Report fixes – Fixed various cases where the operating expense report would return an error in case of missing data.

Build 0.7.0 | 10th February 2017

  • Bug Fixes
  • Management Accounts – New report that summarizes key accounting data in Balance Sheet and Income Statement (P&L), along with other Key Indicators.
  • Performance Optimizations – Enhancements to improve report generation performance so that overall report generation time is reduced significantly.
  • Cash Projection – Tweaked the cash projection procedure to project the cash for future month instead of in-progress month.
  • Credit Notes – Revised sales and receivable reports for to support scenarios involving unallocated credit notes.
  • Word Document Export – Updated document layout to improve readability of reports.

Build 0.6.8 | 18th January 2017

  • Background Bug and Stability Updates
  • Revenue Insights – Based on user feedback we added revenue insights to the Health Check report.

  • Defensive Interval Ratio – Changed the calculation to determine average daily operating expenses more accurately.

  • Health Check – Tweaked content layout for better readability.

  • Safari Support – Fixed an issue app not redirect back to Recount after connecting to Xero using Safari.

  • Empty Graph  – Fixed an issue where sometimes the graphs didn’t show on detailed reports.

  • Sales Report – Fixed an issue in Year-to-date revenue where sometimes the financial year start wasn’t picked up.

  • Document Export – Fixed the issue where the document name did not have the correct report date in the filename.

Build 0.6.7 | 19th December 2016

  • Background Bug and Stability Updates
  • Reconciliation insights – Added a new section of reconciliation insights in the cash report to show if accounting data is up-to-date with latest transactions.

  • Cash Report enhancements – Updated report layout based on feedback from users and financial subject matter experts.

  • Account Mapping – Added the ability for users to customize how their financial accounts are tagged (e.g. Current Asset or Inventory) for financial computations and labelled to be displayed in reports.

  • Health Check – Improved indicator description language to explain insights in business terms.

  • Report Generation – Fixes in report generation to resolve issues around duplicate report generation and reports not showing in the app.

Build 0.6.6 | 6th December 2016

  • Background Bug and Stability Updates
  • Export to Word – Improved presentation of Health Check in exported Word document.

  • Financials on Health Check – Changed the sales, cash, operating expense and account receivable summaries on Health Check to show current month actuals instead of month-on-month change.

  • Xero UK – Users using Xero in the UK can now connect to Recount to generate their Health Check and financial analysis reports.

Build 0.6.5 | 4th November 2016 (Supplemental Update 23rd Nov)

  • Health check report – Updated insight commentary based on feedback from users and financial subject matter experts.
  • Supplemental: New Health Check UI – Updates to the Health Check report to show more details of each ratio including name, description and calculated value. Updated presentation for improved readability.
  • Performance improvements – Enhancements to improve report generation performance so that health check report is generated within 20 seconds.
  • Progress status – Added detailed status messages for reports that are in progress.
  • Negative bank balance and negative liabilities – Changes to Health Check ratios to handle negative bank balance (e.g. overdraft) and negative liabilities (e.g. tax refund).
  • Missing sales invoices – Fixed an issue where invoices on the last date of reporting period were not being picked up in reports.
  • Accounts Receivables – Fixed an issue where some current invoices were being treated as overdue. Also fixed another issue where the report was including invoices created after the end of the reporting period.
  • Application stuck on report generation – Before the UI would sometimes get stuck on the report generation animation on re-login. This issue is now fixed.
  • Internet Explorer and Firefox – Fixed layout issues for reports on IE and Firefox.
  • Operating expense report – Changed the report to exclude Cost of Sales from the operating expense report as well as made some more bug fixes that would cause the report to fail.
  • Negative expense insight – Added a new insight in the Operating Expense report which reports irregularities due to a negative expense.
  • Cash report fix – Fixed a bug where the report would fail if there was a new bank account added to Xero in the reporting month.
  • Sales report fix – Fixed a bug where the report would fail if there were no sale invoices created in the previous month.

Build 0.6.3 | 13th October 2016

  • Health check report improvements – Improved how the application presents “How long the company can survive without using long term assets” in the narrative.
  • Other expenses – Fixed insights to include other expense accounts including overheads and depreciation.
  • Operating expense report fix – Fixed a bug where the report would fail if one the top expense accounts for the reporting month had $0 amount in the previous month.

Build 0.6.2 | 4th October 2016

  • Performance improvements – We’ve speeded up data access from Xero that significantly reduces time taken to generate your reports.
  • Support for foreign currency accounts – We’ve added support for handling foreign currency gain and loss accounts used in the multi-currency feature in Xero.
  • Cash reports with no invoices – We’ve made changes to support businesses that don’t create sales invoice in Xero. (In this case, the cash report will be generated without the cash projection, as the month end cash forecast needs to look at invoiced sales.)
  • Sales report improvements – We’ve improved tooltip labels on the sales charts for better readability and fixed an issue where wrong year was shown for December in the graph timeline.
  • Negative expenses – We fixed an issue where negative expenses in the “Month-on-month” change comparison caused errors in the operating expense report.

Build 0.6.1 | 21st Sept 2016

This release addressed issues with some bank accounts not being pulled in for all users.