Getting Started Guide


Recount is an elegant, well laid-out, clear and concise financial health-check. It neatly examines a company’s key financial performance metrics and presents them as easy-to-read English-language explanatory text, indicators, comparatives and ratios. You can try it out for free for 30 days if you sign up for the Free Trial.

Recount’s comprehensive reporting function has several advantages:

• It gives your business a health-check at the push of a button

• It provides the detail you need in language you understand

• It helps you make the right decisions for your business

• It can help your relationships with your finance and accounting partners be more efficient

Unlike other reporting packages, Recount does more than nicely presented graphs. It gives the story behind them, highlighting the most important things happening with your business. Recount looks at your business through the data you already have in Xero or QuickBooks Online, and takes the hard work out of interpreting what that data means.

This Getting Started Guide will help you set up Recount with your financial data and walk you through the important features. It covers:

• Signing up and Logging In

• Connecting to Your Organisation in Xero or QuickBooks Online

• Navigating the Recount Home Page

• Understanding Analysis Reports

• Changing the Reporting Period

• Sharing Reports

• Accessing Account Settings

• Contacting Us

To start using Recount, type in from your favourite browser.

  • If you haven’t already signed up for Recount, click Free Trial to sign up for a 30-day free trial with no credit card required.
  • If you are a returning user, select Login, which will take you to a page per the image below. Enter your email address and password, then click LOGIN:
Recount sign-in screen

Above: The Recount sign-in screen

  • If you don’t remember your password, click on Forgot your password? and we will send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

After you sign up, you will be prompted to connect Recount to your organisation in Xero or QuickBooks Online:

  • Click on the relevant ‘CONNECT’ button to proceed to Xero or QuickBook Online’s websites, where you can authorise Recount to access your financials in Xero or QuickBooks.
  • If you Chose Xero, choose the organisation that you want to use in Recount, then click ‘Authorise’:

Xero Authorisation Screen

This will redirect you back to Recount, which will immediately start analysing your financials so that it can write reports for your business. This process will take between seconds and minutes to complete. Recount will then display your Recount Home page.

  • If you Chose OuickBooks Online, click ‘Authorize’ in the Authorization screen:

  • On the next screen, choose the organisation that you want to use in Recount, then click ‘Authorise’:

The Recount Home page gives you an overview of the health of your business. This is the first screen that is shown after logging in, and serves as the launch-pad from which you can access the various reports and features of Recount, including more details on cash, revenue, operating expenses and receivables.

  • Click the Recount logo or the Home button on the user menu to return to the Recount Home page from anywhere in the application.
  • Choose the ‘Report Date’ selector to select the date you want to generate reports for your business.

Recount - Annotated Health Check

The Revenue Report contains an analysis of month-to-date results compared to revenue in the previous month, and a breakdown by customer and product. It shows how your year-to-date revenue compares with the previous year and also shows a revenue forecast for end of current financial based on current year trend and based on previous year revenue:

Recount Revenue Report Page

The Cash Report provides a summary of your cash balance across bank accounts, status of uncoded transactions, month-on-month change and cash projection for next month:

Recount Cash Report Page

The Operating Costs Report details month-to-date expenses compared against expenses for the same period in the previous month. It also shows top expense accounts and an analysis of the largest month-on-month changes to expenses:

Recount Operating Expenses Page

The Accounts Receivables Report shows details of invoices currently owed to you by your customers, amounts that are overdue and an analysis of payment history for the top overdue customers:

Recount Accounts Receivable Report Page

The Management Accounts shows a concise and clear Profit-&-Loss and Balance Sheet variance analysis, against prior period. Key indicators of your business are also demonstrated and a Statement of Cash Flow report is coming soon:

Recount Management Accounts Report Page

The Account Mapping section within “Settings” is where you can relabel how your accounts display in Recount reports. Additionally, you can re-map chart of accounts (for reporting purposes) from Xero or QuickBooks to the calculations in Recount:

Recount Account Mapping Page

All the reports in Recount are generated per the results in your accounting system as at the selected report date. To change the report date at any time, click on the “Report date” field, select the desired date from the calendar, and click on the “Refresh” button:

Recount - Change Report Date

You can share reports by exporting them as Word documents. Click on the WORD button at the bottom of any page to download your report:

  Recount - Export/Share

Recount will assemble all reports (Health Check, Revenue, Cash, Expenses, Receivables) into one comprehensive report. From here you can reformat, re-design and print when needed from the usual methods in your operating system.

If you wish to export a specific report, you can do that from the analysis report page.

From the user menu you can your access account settings, where you can manage connectivity with Xero, change your password, or disconnect from Xero by clicking Settings in

the user menu:

Recount Menu

To change your password:

  • In “Settings” and ‘Account”;
  • enter your current password in the “Current Password” field;
  • then your new password in the “New Password”;
  • and “Confirm Password” fields. Click CHANGE PASSWORD to finish:

Recount - Change Password

Recount needs to be connected to your Xero account to be able to analyse your organisation’s financial data.

  • XERO USERS: If you want to switch to another organisation, or want to stop using Recount, you can disconnect your Xero account from Recount by clicking on DISCONNECT FROM XERO:

Recount - Disconnect from Xero

  • QUICKBOOKS USERS: If you want to switch to another organisation, or want to stop using Recount, you can disconnect your QuickBooks account from Recount by clicking on DISCONNECT FROM QUICKBOOKS:

You can access support information by clicking on the support icon in the top menu and from the user menu.

Please contact us if you require any help or technical support. We are available for phone support during Sydney business hours, and by email 24/7.

Phone +61 2 8937 0110 (9am – 6pm, AEST)


We really appreciate your comments and feedback. Let us know if we’ve got things right, how useful

Recount is for you and more importantly, how it could be improved!

To send us your feedback, email us at the address above, or click the SEND FEEDBACK button at the bottom of the report page: