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Dimitri Cachia: The Accounting Brain of Recount

Dimitri is Recount’s accounting brain. He’s a numbers geek with a creative streak, a Chartered Accountant since 1998, forging his early career with a “Big 6 firm” with over a decade of international experience in diverse financial and business planning roles. He’s also got an MBA from a top Business School in Europe.

Here’s his blog:

Excited About Automation | 2nd March 2017

Forbes contributor Gil Press suggests that NLP(*) and NLG are number 1 and number 10 in the “Top 10 AI technologies to watch in 2017“.

Whether it’s (*)Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Generation, Machine Learning or any other of the plethora of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) concepts shaping business today, let’s not be scared!  Continue Reading >

Account for More! | 9th February 2017

Using Recount, finance-savvy small businesses are already able to take their business’ pulse over their morning coffee at the push of a button. But I’m really looking forward to introducing Recount to professional Accountants, who’ll be able to serve so many more of their clients with timely and frequent reports and insights using Recount…  Continue Reading >

The Perfect Job? | 20th January 2017

Early in the New Year will be 3 months into the newest challenge of my 20+ year career. Arria NLG Plc is the leader in real-time data storytelling, an Aberdeen University project initiated by techie professors, led here in Sydney by Dr Robert Dale.

I’m here to provide the technical guidance and expertise (what we call a Subject Matter Expert) for Arria’s first product, Recount…  Continue Reading >